Accurately capture the world around you and bring existing spaces into the digital realm to unlock new possibilities

Reality Capture

80% of the buildings in-use in 2050 have already been built. Whilst new- builds often take the spotlight, without looking back, re-using, retrofitting and refurbishing – we’ll never hit global, human and environmental targets.

Through laser scanning and point-cloud technology, BIMBox provide high-quality digital mapping, including 2D imaging and 3D models, to provide a digital representation of buildings and estates for use across the lifecycle of projects.

This scanning technology allows us to accurately capture the world around us and create a digital representation that brings your projects to life, providing unparalleled accuracy in building design, reducing the need for rework and saving valuable time and resources.

Producing a digital representation of an existing building means design teams can understand in greater depth the as-built state and more accurately, and creatively, conserve or improve with an exceptional level of insight.

Reality Capture

Capturing accurately the built environment around us brings profound benefits across design and refurbishment.

Through use of this, replacement and upgrades to the fabric of existing buildings are able to better meet targets in areas such as sustainability and efficiency, improving quality and with less waste.

Scan to BIM laser scanning can help to capture precise measurements of existing buildings, creating a detailed 3D model that provides a digital representation of the existing space, allowing for better collaboration among teams and stakeholders. Additionally, the digital model can be used for maintenance and future planning, providing a long-term solution for your construction needs.

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