Seamlessly embed digital data into your project models and turn information into actionable insight throughout the lifecycle

Data Integration

Data is more valuable than oil. However, without accurate information, well-organised and aligned to the needs of your internal systems, you will not see the true benefits available to your organisation.

The Data Analysts at BIMBox will work with your team to create custom mapping, API’s, outputs and deliverables to support your objectives in the built environment. BIMBox works in collaboration with the project teams, designers, suppliers, and manufacturers, conducting training, workshops, and provisioning templates, to ensure well-structured and a systematic data integration is achieved across the various stages of a project.

Data integration supports the post-occupancy decision making for owners. BIMBox brings expertise of organised information from projects across sectors, enlisting structuring processes for formulation of datasets in collaboration with the project teams, designers, suppliers, and manufacturers,

Our assistance from early stages and across project development support the transitioning of data into CAFM and Asset Management systems, without additional modifications, an important aspect for facility and operations management.

Data Integration

Our streamlined and robust data processes assure the production of high-quality data schema that are in compliance with the Level of Information Need (LOIN) required for the project, ensuring efficiency, productivity and fulfilment of deadlines.

COBie data is a standardised set of attributes that describes the information relating to specific assets which are to be captured, maintaned and documented as part of the data delivery of the project. BIMBox often supports with COBie delivery, populating data on behalf of suppliers within their models.

Through pulling the key information into one format and uploading this to the Common Data Environment (CDE), the client is able review the evolving data within a format they expect and are able to engage with. BIMBox supports project teams through providing this an organised and structured data sheet that includes all suppliers’ COBie data, aligned to the asset requirements.


BIMBox can further provide support for custom parameters and applications. This can include creation bespoke procedures for specific-project needs, including shared parameters tailored to the project BIM documentation to provide a consistent location for each supplier to input asset data requirements into the model files.

This can also include the developlment of develop bespoke classifications, rulesets and pick lists to support assurance procedures and meet the data requirements. Bespoke project PowerBI dashboard linked to data models can provide graphical reporting mechanism for suppliers to identify areas of data fidelity and non-conformance.

Software platforms such as Tekla can also be supported by BIMBox, with in-house configured customised mechanisms to clearly structure and improve the fidelity of the object data.

Case studies related to our Data Integration

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