Strengthen your offering and heighten authenticity through project and object modelling to meet any requirement


To meet today’s increasing expectations in digital modelling, BIMBox provides a specialist service that can support through complex requirements, tailor to bespoke products, or supplement resource to increase delivery capacity.

3D Modelling at BIMBox
Whether working on a significant project model, or authoring bespoke objects for manufacturing clients, digital modelling executed with expertise achieves results that are essential to excite today’s clients, consumers or customers.
BIMBox is able to act as your point of support to work with you, in confidence, and ensure your digital commitments are met. We can begin, continue or complete work across multiple levels to author digital models on your behalf that expertly represent you, make the best possible impression and are in-line with your ambitions.
We frequently support product manufacturers, engineers, contractors, architects and interior design brands with 3D Modelling in this way. Our established processes ensure value and efficiency, enabling faster turnaround to meet demanding deadlines.

Our 3D Modelling service stream covers:

  • Project Model Authoring
  • Object Model Authoring
  • Object Hosting & Distribution
  • Complex Geometry Authoring
  • Visualisations & Walkthroughs

Why BIMBox for 3D Modelling?
As increasingly information-rich models are requested, both accuracy and experience is essential to deliver the detail. Complex briefs can often surpass available in-house resource and we can provide specialist support to help you navigate the BIM Execution Plan, and both understand and embed data requirements to deliver for success.
A detached-mindset to modelling often leads to difficulties. Our team is active across the lifecycle of projects and we employ this depth of knowledge to ensure information-rich models link in with wider project requirements, are accessible for collaboration across the project team and incorporate all the elements needed in industry-leading modelling.
We are proud to have worked on some of the most prestigious projects across the UK and our comprehensive service can help with any brief and, if required, take care of your 3D modelling needs from start to finish.


Case studies related to our 3D Modelling

Central Yard Complex Facility

BAE Systems Maritime
Central Yard Complex Facility

The Spine, Royal College of Physicians

Morgan Sindall
The Spine, Royal College of Physicians

Meridian Water Station

Meridian Water Station

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