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Information Management

We now build a model before we build a building. The Information Manager is the Project Manager for the production of this digital asset, not only overseeing how models look, but also, that valuable and pertinent data is captured across design and construction.

BIMBox supports multi-disciplinary teams to achieve intelligent, data-rich 3D models that can be harnessed to overcome numerous challenges, inform decision making and facilitate proactive maintenance decades into the future.

We help all areas of the built environment use digital project management to replace cost and risk with value and opportunity, no matter your level of familiarity with BIM. This is a mature and established service that is instrumental in forming a more efficient and predictable route to project success.

Just as having no Project Manager on site, with no Information Manager, things often go awry. Information management improves forward planning, reduces the need for ad-hoc solutions and saves on time and cost. BIMBox humanises and visualises its impacts and benefits for both digital and non-digital teams at every step.

Information Management

BIMBox is at the forefront of digital project management, supporting consultants and contractors across the built environment to consistently accomplish a successful handover and achieve client requirements.

Our work across the UK and internationally supports our project partners to access and act on digital information that is defined, relevant and timely to the task at hand. As your intermediary between unrefined information and actionable insight – we provide you with the confidence to ensure you are alert and responsive to any scenario throughout the project lifecycle.

BIMBox has developed information management for over a decade, resulting in processes and procedures that are at the forefront of the construction industry. We offer exceptional value that hits on the key areas where digital building information management provides maximum benefit.

Our Information Management service stream supports through the following activities:

  • Information Manager / Digital Project Management (also known as BIM Management)
  • BIM Coordination
  • Clash Detection and Resolution
  • Model Validation
  • Issue Tracking and Management
  • BIM Execution Plan (BEP) Authoring
  • Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) Authoring
  • Technical Support

BIMBox is a trusted partner and always able to provide solutions to overcome any challenge

Lee Ramsey, Morgan Sindall Construction

How to Appoint Us

BIMBox works with many organisations to provide project support services, typically within the role of BIM Information Manager. We can support you to provide oversight of the BIM activities, in a practical and achievable manner, across the appointment of your scope. Within this role, BIMBox consistently monitors the alignment of documentation and process, providing one-to-one project support and guidance to ensure your requirements and asset data obligations are met.

We are flexible as to undertaking this in a way that best suits your objectives. For example, rather than an ongoing appointment, BIMBox can also undertake a number of detailed review gateways at key milestones across the project, delivering an assessment of current progress and provide direction on improvements. BIMBox is able to provide proposals on a project-by-project basis, as well as ensure specific project costs are reviewed and captured during the tender stage, upon request.

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