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Applied Research

Digital does not stay still. Without constant research and development of new applications, emerging technologies, and interrogations of the latest standards, it is easy to get left behind. BIMBox undertakes applied research that is targeted at the development of specific solutions to alleviate issues facing organisations and the industry, across sustainability, safety, human, social areas and production.

BIMBox has been focused on fostering a practice of innovation for many years, ensuring we are always sharing the highest level of expertise, whilst endeavouring to humanise, visualise and communicate BIM at every step. As a hub of digital excellence, we unlock barriers and remove hurdles for clients, as well as work with partners to shape the future of the industry.

BIMBox is currently part of an international research consortium, funded by the UKRI and EU Horizon – the EU’s key R&D funding programme – to develop BIM strategies to shape the future of zero waste.

Applied Research

Through our Applied Research services, we work closely with our clients to identify key areas of improvement and develop targeted research and development strategies that are designed to achieve their specific goals.

Our team is undertaking non-stop research and development to ensure we stay ahead of new legislation, market trends, emerging technologies and evolving customer requirements to help our clients adapt quickly and effectively in order to remain competitive.

By leveraging the latest technologies and research advancements, we are able to deliver innovative guidance that drives real results and helps our clients stay ahead of the curve.

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