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Strategic Support

BIMBox specialises in providing people-driven, agnostic, best practice advice that gets to heart of the matter, looking not only at software and technology, but also people, place and culture necessary to bring about wide-reaching improvements.

Through gap analysis and strategy formation, BIMBox implement stepped changes, establishing a collaborative consensus to implement new ideas and help teams to adapt to the change.

Published in 2019, ISO 19650 is the global standard for digital production. BIMBox appraises current working practices and develops a bespoke toolkit of documentation and resources that enables your business to gain maximum benefit and value from projects. A process of workshops and documentation authoring is undertaken to enhance inter-departmental communication, strengthen integration and improve collaborative participation and ownership across multiple teams.

Digital transformation is a powerful route to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver more regular, reliable, and repeatable innovation. BIMBox supports organisations to meet the challenges presented by an evolving industry and increasing customer expectations, bringing benefits across sustainability, safety, human and social areas, as well as efficiency.

Strategic Support

Evidencing that you can provide data, help its journey to actionable insight, and play your part in its incorporation throughout the lifecycle, including the operations and maintenance phases, will support through
wide-ranging areas. This will futureproof your business and streamline your activities, removing waste, aligning objectives and delivering success.

With a depth of experience working with many of the largest consultants, contractors, estates teams and local authorities across the UK and internationally, our tailored approach helps businesses leverage all the available advantages.

Case studies related to our Strategic Support

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The Spine, Royal College of Physicians

Morgan Sindall Construction

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