Eden, A3 New Bailey


Eden, A3 New Bailey

Eden is a significant commercial development project designed to be the greenest office building in Salford, blending sustainability with innovative design, the building aims to provide a modern workspace contributing to the ongoing regeneration efforts in the New Bailey area.

Eden, A3 New Bailey

BIMBox was appointed as Information Manager in supporting Bowmer+Kirkland with the delivery of Salford’s greenest workspace, Eden, adhering accurately to ISO 19650 standards. The 12-storey ground-breaking office development is situated at the intersection of Irwell Street and Trinity Way, constituting a component of the New Bailey Masterplan.

The integration of BIM and digital information into the project serves as a foundation for informed decision-making throughout every stage of the project lifecycle. This approach not only provides invaluable insights but also instils confidence amongst stakeholders, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

BIMBox upheld a proactive approach in coordinating a full scope of Information Management activities minimising costly reworks, and supporting decision-making across the wider project team. Critical to BIMBox’s efforts is the precise maintenance and governance of project BIM documentation, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all aspects of the project. Routine monthly clash detection exercises and issue-tracking were completed to further enhance coordination and mitigate potential conflicts, promoting a harmonious and well-integrated workflow. By doing this, BIMBox supported the delivery team’s understanding by showcasing clashes as part of the wider building, communicating the project impacts.

Eden, A3 New Bailey

Additionally, our monthly technical BIM support ensured that the project team remained aligned and responsive to evolving needs and challenges. All project information has been shared through the Project Common Data Environment (CDE) Viewpoint for Projects, providing connectivity and confidence. All BIMBox project consultants uploaded models according to the programme and on-time throughout. By facilitating a streamlined and efficient information management process, BIMBox paves the way for seamless project success.

BIMBox is committed to the completion of the ambitious Eden project, recognising its role as a phenomenal beacon of innovation and sustainability in the city of Salford. With 350,000 living plants integrated into the 115,000 sq ft new build, Eden showcases the dedication to sustainable development principles supported by Information Management. As part of the English Cities Fund (ECF) Salford Central Scheme and in alignment with the UKGBC Net Zero Carbon Framework, Eden is poised to set new standards for energy efficiency and carbon neutrality, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Images courtesy of Bowmer+Kirkland.

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