The construction playbook has been updated


The UK Government recently updated their Construction Playbook document for guidance on sourcing and contracting public works and projects.

The intention behind the Construction Playbook is to encourage collaboration and better strategic relationships been public and private sectors to drive innovation and the rapid improvement of the construction industry. This ensures what expectations are set for the industry – including continual advancements within building and workplace safety and the quality, cost and delivery of projects by education on and implementing the UK BIM Framework.

What used to be an 83-page document, now sits at 89 pages, with key updates within BIM and Information Management have been summarised below.


Digital Technology

The expansion of the strategy for embedding Digital Technologies and Information Management to improve the quality of data within UK construction with the use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).


Building Safety

The Building Safety Act is now referenced to ensure that building safety risks are considered during planning, design, construction and operation. Information Management plays a key role in this.


‘Constructing the Gold Standard’

The 24 reccomendations from the ‘Consrtucting the Gold Standard’ Government commissioned independent review (2021) is included, noting for public sector frameworks to further embed digital technologies and the use of the UK BIM Framework to deliver safer and more time and energy efficient projects and programmes.


Digital Twin Hub

The playbook update mentions double the references incorporates more information on embedding digital technologies, one of which, includes the Digital Twin Hub.



Inclusions of a new section of Security through Information Management is included, referencing the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)’s Information Mangement Platform.