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As the built environment continues to embrace the advantages of digital technology, we can help you to deliver on the latest requests that you receive for digitally-enabled construction services.

Project BIM Activities at BIMBox
Many of innovations available today can transform procedures to boost productivity, simplify project management and enhance quality and safety. Areas including 3D laser scanning, augmented reality and construction sequencing open the door to new-levels of efficiencies, greatly reduce top-level costs and unlock much more effective planning.
BIMBox provides these industry-leading digital construction services to support your in-house expertise. Working with us, you can access the support required, without the substantial training or investment in hardware and software needed for the most sophisticated activities.
Working across all sectors in the built environment throughout new-builds, refurbishments, infrastructure projects and estates, we utilise the latest techniques in smart design and construction to aid throughout all stages of the lifecycle.

Our Project Activities service stream includes:

  • Scan to BIM
  • Digital Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • COBie Support, Production & Data Management
  • Augmented Reality
  • As-Built Verification
  • Construction Sequencing & Timelining (4D)

Scan to BIM
Meeting the need for zero carbon means that a large part of the future of construction rests in re-use and refurbishment. 3D laser scanning and point-cloud technology provides a fully accurate representation of buildings up-front, helping to increase confidence and facilitate the design vision.
Data from the existing buildings is extracted into a 3D model that can be used proactively by the full design team, bring to light any areas of attention and streamline the entire development process.
Digital O&M
Data integration, asset management and the delivery of handover information is more important than ever. BIMBox’s digital operations and maintenance service consolidates efforts across the supply chain and sets buildings and estates up for intelligent planning, significantly reducing lifecycle cost.
Through the creation of a central database that integrates a comprehensive library of knowledge and instructions, accessible on-demand, we can help buildings, estates owners and FM teams manage their developments much more effectively.
COBie Support, Production & Data Management
BIMBox helps to ensure consistent, accurate and clear COBie data is delivered, no matter the size or complexity of the project. Our streamlined process eliminates risk and conflicting requirements from the mis-management of COBie and captures all the information required for a successful handover every time, with lifetime benefits to the client.


Augmented Reality
Through Augmented Reality (AR) in construction, we overlay 3D models, scans and visualisations to a pre-existing site or space, viewed as-built via a screen or device. The sense of scale, size and distance through mixing real-life with a 3D visual cannot be met via traditional visualisation methods.
AR helps to contextualise designs before they are built, which de-risks decisions, improves stakeholder engagement and reduces the chance of unnecessary error. AR can also provide visual instructions directly to staff whilst on-site, boosting safety and understanding, leading to more efficient builds.
As-Built Verification
BIMBox can help ensure developments meet expectations and compliance through analysing and verifying building projects. Using 3D scanning, we can collect comprehensive data as a building nears completion, accurately comparing this to the design model to improve the handover process.
This acts as an invaluable part of the quality assurance process, reducing lifecycle costs, risk of unforeseen issues and provides confidence that your development has been constructed as intended.
Construction Sequencing & Timelining (4D BIM)
Our service makes it possible to view a project’s delivery, in-context, against real-time activities and updates. The time-related data is instrumental in the frequent decision-making on a live-site.
Through visual sequencing, we can reduce delivery time and construction costs through a more transparent plan. This leads to safer delivery environments and more accurate predictions of schedule.
Visualising progress across the project lifecycle generates greater buy-in from end-clients and improves understanding across the project team, resulting in more valuable and timely feedback from all.

Case studies related to our Lifecycle Activities

Central Yard Complex Facility

BAE Systems Maritime
Central Yard Complex Facility

The Spine, Royal College of Physicians

Morgan Sindall
The Spine, Royal College of Physicians

Meridian Water Station

Meridian Water Station

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