BIMBox completes hat-trick win at the NWRCA 2023


BIMBox has won the ‘Digital Construction Award’ at the North West Regional Construction Awards 2023 for the third year running. BIMBox’s role as Information Manager for Bowmer+Kirkland and project partners HBD and Greater Manchester Pension Fund at Island, John Dalton Street exceeds project expectations and impressed the judges.

“The submission demonstrated how the adoption of collaborative digital processes at an early stage could have a dramatic impact and improve processes at all subsequent stages. This project has been led by a digital-centric approach based on existing relationships and previous experience. Utilisation of BIM models and clash detection by all consultants ensured integration aligned with the project’s digital construction strategy. A closely managed and intensive clash detection and coordination at the beginning of the project with sub-consultants removed critical clashes prior to subcontractor involvement.”

–  The judge’s panel, NWRCA 2023

The £38m exemplar redevelopment is at the heart of Manchester that aims to embody and reflect the craft, workmanship, and innovation at the centre of the city. The design of the project celebrates Manchester’s history and local heritage as well as looks to the forward-thinking aspects of the city by embracing digital construction to optimise project delivery.