Why Chair

by Connection

The Why chair is a task chair designed for ease of use.

It's ergonomic design delivers comfort that responds to users needs intelligently. This strong load bearing design can accommodate the majority of users.

The R type can be assembled simply straight from the box, all with no tools, using our FASTCLICK technology. It has a single lever mechanism and perforated black polymer back as standard. In contrast the S type is fitted with a dual lever mechanism and a range of different coloured flexible back options such as black, grey or white.

The R and S type Why chairs both have the option of a 60mm seat slide.



Width 640-670mm
Height 990-1180mm
Depth 670mm


5 Years

Serial Number(s)


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Approved Geometry

Approved Geometry

100% Native Format

100% Native Format

IFC Data Compliance

IFC Data Compliance