Kaigan XL

by Ahrend

The nostalgic wicker beach chair is inspired by the coastline of the Netherlands. Returning to an unexpected place: the office environment. The Ahrend Kaigan ("Kaigan" literally means "seashore" or "beach") encloses the user who is looking for temporary privacy. This can be for an informal meeting, but also an important call requiring the highest level of concentration.

A wide range of upholstery fabric, materials, colours and designs are available, and there are two fabric options: ordinary fabric without seams on the back, or a firm knit, also without seams on the back. This means that the chair can be given its own particular identity – a look that complements an organisation’s corporate style. Irrespective of design choices, the upholstery is always an environmentally friendly Cradle to Cradle material, while the natural look of the chair is created by rugged stitching and the large-scale organic patterns.

  • Ahrend Kaigan XL - Revit 2015
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Width 1000mm
Height 1710mm
Depth 750mm


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Approved Geometry

Approved Geometry

100% Native Format

100% Native Format

IFC Data Compliance

IFC Data Compliance